Franchise Support Systems

Your success as a Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Franchisee is important!  We are here to support you and provide the tools, knowledge, and on-going assistance to help you succeed.  Your success is our success !

Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Franchisees are provided with the following:


Pre-Opening of Franchise:
  • 40 Hours of Franchise Start-Up Classroom Training

  • Professional Business Coaching

  • Sales and Marketing Training & Manual

  • Comprehensive Training Materials & Operations Manual

Equipment Delivery & Training:

  • Comprehensive cleaning equipment provided with a chemical supply package

  • 17-inch floor scrubber and 20-inch high speed buffer

  • Commercial wet-dry vacuum with front mounted squeegee

  • Commercial upright vacuum

  • Commercial backpack vacuum

Grand Opening of Franchise:

  • Ka-Pow!  Cleaning Services  (on-going)  Press releases in local market

  • Ka-Pow!  Cleaning  Services Vehicle logo package

  • Executive shirt & portfolio package for brand selling

  • Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Employee uniform start-up package

  • Targeted local customer campaign

  • Personalized Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services business cards

  • Advertising specialty items

  • Access to National Discounts

Post-Opening of Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Franchise:

  • 4-day visit to train Franchisee on selling and developing a customer base

  • 10 pre-set prospective Ka-Pow!  Cleaning  customer appointments/joint sale calls

  • 3-day operations and human resource support visit

  • 2-day strategic planning and follow up visit

Six Months of Post Opening Support:

  • Monthly strategic teleconference call

  • Free Assistance with your billings/collections/financial management

  • Free Assistance with hiring and retention strategies

  • Free payroll service

On-Going Support:

  • Online Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Company Store

  • Ongoing educational events

  • Annual Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services Franchise owners retreat

  • Business/Customer Referrals

  • Internet Marketing Campaigns

  • Participation in the Ka-Pow! Travel Rewards Program