Green Cleaning

A 'We Green Clean' happy face diagram. Cute!

General Green Cleaning Services

Today, the standards of commercial cleaning are changing, and businesses such as educational facilities, manufacturing facilities, and data centers are going green.

Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services provides everything from environmentally friendly cleaning products to training and processes, paper products, mops and matting, and equipment in order to provide the safest green cleaning services possible.


​Why Go Green?

Consider the below facts:

  • 80% of our time is spent indoors


  • Indoor air quality is rated 3-5 times more harmful than outdoors


  • Indoor air quality is rated as one of the top five health risks


  • 100 million workdays are lost each year due to poor indoor air quality


  • It’s about our environment—and it’s also about your bottom line.


Facilities that use Green Cleaning Services see a reduction in healthcare costs, supply costs, utility bills/costs, and an overall improvement in productivity from a happy and healthy staff.