Kitchen & Lavatories

A sparkling clean work placee kitchen

General Kitchen Cleaning Services

Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services is very aware that the common areas of your business receives a lot of daily activity and use by your staff.  


The kitchen, an employee benefit, should always be clean and presentable as it is a reflection of your desire to provide a suitable employee break /lunch room for your personnel. 


Your employees not only value a clean kitchen – but also encourages them to keep their work stations clean.


Kitchen Cleaning Services Include:

  • Sweeping and mopping floor

  • Removing trash & recyclables

  • Washing sink and counter tops

  • Cleaning inside of microwave oven

  • Cleaning coffee maker & water cooler

  • Wiping all tables and cabinet exteriors

  • Wiping external surfaces of kitchen appliances

General Lavatory Cleaning Services

Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services provides staff training on the best cleaning and sanitizing techniques for the restrooms. 


Everyone wants to use a clean restroom – and again – we know this common area needs to look its best for both employees and customers.

Lavatory Cleaning Services Include:

  • Sanitizing the restroom

  • Sweeping and washing floors

  • Washing and polishing mirrors

  • Scrubbing the sink, faucets, and vanity area

  • Filling toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers

  • Washing top and underside of toilet seats & urinals

A bright clean office rest room.