Office Environments

A spotless office - handsome and clean.

Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services is staffed with a team of reliable and trustworthy cleaning professionals respectful of your company’s physical property and issues relating to security and confidentiality.  Personnel are trained and supervised while on-site to ensure the highest standards of service is met for all our clients.


Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services will clean your place of business after hours and you can rest easy in the fact that your property is safe, secure, and will be clean when you arrive in the morning.

Standard Office Cleaning Services Include:

  • Clean Entryway

  • Clean Kitchen area

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Vacuum carpeted areas

  • Clean & restock Restrooms

  • Dust counters, shelves, lights

  • Wash interior glass as needed

  • Dust and wipe furniture & fixtures

  • Empty waste baskets & remove trash

  • Dust all cleared surfaces of desks and file cabinets