Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services looks to create long term working relationships with our clients.....and to accomplish this we work hard to keep their facilities spotless!
We are happy to share testimonials and references.


“ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”  “Your night cleaner assigned to our facility has been doing an outstanding job and has become an extention of our own staff”  “We all value his contributions, suggestions, and appreciate the little things he does to keep the place spotless – the kitchen has never been so clean.”  “ Thought I should share my compliments along with his enclosed Christmas gift.”


“Just a quick note to let you know that my fellow co-workers and I are very impressed with the services your company has been providing these past couple of months.”  “The office continues to look & feel brand new due to the cleaning and attention it is given – even the plants are cared for and are healthier. Thanks”


“I am smiling as I write this e-mail thinking about the improvements and wonderful support you guys provide.”  “Let me know if you ever want a reference – happy to sing your praises.”


“Thank you Thank you Thank you”